The Classic Mistake You're Making With Buckeyes

The "Buckeye State” may get its nickname for its trademark buckeye trees, but Ohio's alias has another, sweeter meaning that surpasses any state tree (per The Ohio State University). Ohio buckeyes are not only found in nature but across the state's candy shops. These chocolate treats are a midwestern claim to fame that takes advantage of a pairing unlike any other. That duo is peanut butter and chocolate.

According to Taste Atlas, buckeyes originated in 1964 and are typically tied to college football games and celebratory events. While the candy and the tree are two separate entities, buckeye candies have the nut to thank for inspiration; candy buckeyes resemble buckeye nuts in shape and form. To try buckeyes for yourself, you don't necessarily need to head to the midwest. It's surprisingly easy to make your own buckeyes from home. Simply prepare a peanut butter filling and coat it in chocolate (via Sugar Spun Run).

Yet while the ingredients are few, making buckeyes is all about technique. To help your buckeye keep its shape, all it takes is a bit of sweet time. You'll need to give your peanut butter balls plenty of it to become firm. Otherwise, you'll risk making a mess and a less-than-appetizing end product.

Exercise patience in chilling peanut butter balls

When it comes to preparing food, waiting is always a challenge. You're ready to try the end product when a recipe is underway. Skipping a step or two can't hurt, right?

Not so fast. Making your buckeye treats snap is about patience, as the peanut butter balls require plenty of chilling before you break out the chocolate. According to Chocolate with Grace, buckeyes need to firm and harden in the fridge. Otherwise, their texture will be too soft, resulting in a mess the moment they're dipped in melted chocolate. Ideally, you'll wait two hours after forming peanut butter balls, though you can certainly wait longer.

In addition to chilling your buckeyes at the peanut butter stage, you should never add too much chocolate afterward. Although too much chocolate is tempting, it can result in pooling, yielding a messy and uneven buckeye. Act deliberately and slowly to make this decadent and creamy treat that lives up to its name.