Tasting Table Unearths What Beer Fans Think Is Samuel Adams' Best Seasonal Brew - Exclusive Survey

'Tis the season for a beer — though with Samuel Adams' seasonal rotations, you could truly say that any time of the year. The popular brewery offers a seasonal ensemble of drinks, tweaking beer flavors based on the weather (via Samuel Adams). Try a winter lager to keep cozy in January, or opt for a summer ale to sip poolside in July. There's something for every month and every kind of preference.

Samuel Adams is not the only brand to embrace timely options. According to Craft Beer, many breweries offer seasonal beers, which take full advantage of distinct flavors. Citrus beers reign supreme in the summer, whereas beers with floral notes flourish around April. As soon as you find a drink you like, either stock up or don't get too attached; you never know how long the beer will be offered — or when it will be swapped out for the next season's lineup.

While it's easy to find a Samuel Adams beer that is worth drinking year-round, according to a recent Tasting Table survey, one season tops the calendar. 

Raise a glass to fall

Of the 615 people surveyed in Tasting Table's latest poll, 240 beer drinkers agree that fall is when Samuel Adams has its best beer line. Roughly 39% of people favored autumn's options, and with the variety of flavors and incorporation of warm spices, it's easy to understand why. According to Samuel Adams, fall beers range from Octoberfest — the most popular fall beer in the U.S. — to a pumpkin ale replete with nutmeg and cinnamon.

Summer Samuel Adams brews closely followed fall flavors in popularity. The warm months amassed 195 votes or 31.71% of the favor. This close second-place finish speaks to the popularity of the brand's summer ale, which is a light wheat ale that boasts citrus notes perfect for summertime sipping. 

Rounding out the survey was winter, then spring. The seasons received 19.84% and 9.43% of the votes, respectively. Roughly 122 people favored the cold months for a beer, while 58 people think spring is when Samuel Adams is at its best.

It's clear that Samuel Adams knows how to make the most of the summer to fall transition, though if none of its autumnal options are doing it for you, there are plenty of other seasonal craft beers for fall. Or, if you want to have a festive beverage that isn't beer, opt for a seasonal cider. Either way, you're bound to find something that suits your preferences, whether it's pumpkin-inspired or a more straightforward flavor.