Every Bottled Juice At Starbucks, Ranked

Whether you've been to Starbucks dozens of times (perhaps in the last month) or only once, it's certainly tough to keep up with the Starbucks menu as it continues to grow and change. Not only does it rotate beverages seasonally, but there are often new products.

That's where bottled juices come in. In addition to an impressive and beloved menu, there are also several bottled beverages Starbucks offers. The best part of these drinks is that you only need to wait in the checkout line; no need to wait to pick up your order. So if you're in a hurry, these are an excellent option for those quick exit mornings.

Starbucks offers four types of bottled juices: energy drinks, cold-pressed juices, cold-pressed smoothies, and juice boxes. Starbucks' own energy drinks are called Baya Energy, and these are juices blended with the coffee fruit to give you a boost of energy. The cold-pressed juices and smoothies come fromĀ Evolution Fresh. At Evolution Fresh, juices and smoothies are cold-pressed rather than heat pasteurized to help preserve flavor and nutrients. Starbucks also offers boxed apple juice fromĀ Tree Top, a company that hails from Washington, smack dab in the middle of apple country, so you just know its apple juice is going to be great.

8. Evolution Mighty Watermelon

Evolution's Mighty Watermelon cold-pressed juice blend with watermelon and lemon is our least favorite of the bottled juices Starbucks offers. This juice has a simple ingredient list of watermelon juice and lemon juice, and it is also 100% juice with zero added sugars.

Upon opening the bottle, you're immediately met with the smell of freshly cut watermelon. The texture is nice and thin, as you might expect watermelon to taste when juiced. However, the reason this one ranks last has everything to do with the rather bland taste. Since watermelons can vary so greatly in their sweetness, we wonder if other bottles may be sweeter depending on the watermelon that has been juiced. We did find this rather refreshing and would be an excellent mixer for other juices or even in a cocktail, but on its own, we felt it needed something else. The lemon was barely perceptible, and in fact, had there been more lemon, making this one closer to something like lemonade, it would, taste quite a bit better.

To that end, if you're looking for a refreshing secret menu item that Starbucks does not list on the menu, consider making a Watermelon Lemonade. To do this, order a tall iced lemonade, but ask your barista to put the lemonade in a Venti cup. Then, pour your bottle of watermelon juice on top, stir with your straw, and you will have a delightful lemonade drink that gives this bottled beverage new life.

7. Evolution Organic Super Greens

Next, we come to the Evolution Organic Super Fruit Greens cold-pressed smoothie blend with orange, mango, pineapple, cucumber, spinach, romaine, and kale. The ingredients list also includes spirulina and chlorella. According to Healthline, spirulina is a type of algae, and WebMD states that chlorella is another type of algae, and it is also known as seaweed.

When you open a bottle of Super Greens, you'll immediately smell how fresh it feels, and if you are a lover of green juice, you'll recognize this scent immediately. This juice is very cucumber-forward, and the fruit taste comes after. The green leaves provide a nice, barely-there backdrop and do not taste bitter in the slightest. If you're looking for a solid green juice option, this is a good one. However, if you don't really enjoy green juice, this one probably won't do much to convince you. For a green juice, we liked it, but compared to several other bottled juices Starbucks offers, it wasn't our stand-out favorite.

6. Baya Energy Raspberry Lime

Now, we come to one of Starbucks' canned energy drinks. Baya Energy's Raspberry Lime has over 160 milligrams of caffeine. Caffeine Informer shows that Red Bull has half this caffeine content at 80 milligrams, and Monster generally matches it at 160 milligrams. So this caffeine content is relatively substantial compared to other energy drinks, which is good if you're looking for that caffeine boost.

Bright, bubbly, and pink, this energy drink is primarily carbonated water, but it also includes grape, lemon, raspberry, and lime juice, as well as other natural flavors and caffeine elements. With a 12% fruit juice content, this drink has an immediately raspberry flavor, but it is also somewhat muted and mellow, as though the fruity flavor doesn't quite match up to the carbonation. The lime flavor is barely there and too subtle, totally swallowed by the bite of carbonation. If you're looking for a juicy caffeine drink, this may totally be your preference. However, if you are looking for a caffeine pick-me-up, there are fabulous options available to you behind the counter.

5. Baya Energy Mango Guava

Of the two energy drinks that Starbucks offers in pre-made form, Mango Guava was our favorite. Like the Raspberry Lime flavor, Mango Guava has 160 milligrams of caffeine. Both energy drinks also offer 100% of your daily recommended dosage of vitamin C. However, the Mango Guava option is only 10% juice, which is less than Raspberry Lime.

We found the Mango Guava flavor quite delightful. This flavor will be ideal if you're looking for a juicy wakeup rather than a coffee wakeup. On this one, we liked that the mango had a subtle taste and found the guava taste to compliment the flavor profile on the back end. While Raspberry Lime has more Raspberry than Lime, Mango Guava offers a more balanced flavor with both fruits getting their time. Since mangos are often a primary flavor in exotic juices, this flavor also felt like more of a juice drink than the Raspberry Lime.

4. Tree Top Organic Apple Juice

This juice box from Tree Top is 100% apple juice. It is the perfect choice for a quick juice on the run or a little snack for your kiddo. So the next time you are on a Target run and your child asks for a cake pop, just know that you can complement that sugar bomb with a little juice.

We thought this was a pretty great apple juice, and it is made only better by being in a convenient juice box that is perfect for small hands. However, there is not much that's special about this juice, and it is exactly what you would expect upon opening a juice box. However, we are happy to see that Starbucks has some pretty great options for the youngest members of your family.

If you are craving apple juice, feel free to reach for one of these juice boxes. But if you want something a little more, well, mature, we recommend ordering apple juice in place of water for any tea or refresher drink. Since the baristas have apple juice behind the counter in the refrigerators, you won't need to order a juice box for this little hack. That extra bit of sweetness and apple taste really makes these drinks taste entirely different and even sweeter!

3. Evolution Pure Orange

Nothing quite says breakfast like a glass of orange juice. Evolution's Pure Orange cold-pressed juice is everything you want in that perfect breakfast juice, and at 100% juice, it's also great for you.

We love how this juice has just the right amount of pulp to feel like the freshly squeezed juice Grandma makes, but not too much so that you feel like you are chewing your juice. It smells fresh and bright, just as orange juice should. If the world of cold-pressed juice is rather new to you, we think this would be a great first taste. Not to mention, of the juices (as opposed to smoothies) we tried from Evolution, this was easily our favorite. Whether on the go or as an ingredient for your favorite weekend mimosa, this juice is perfect.

On the whole, we found that the juices were a great compliment to a meal, but the smoothies Evolution offers were better suited to stand on their own.

2. Evolution Organic Vital Berry

Evolution's Organic Vital Berry cold-pressed smoothie blend with apple, strawberry, orange, mango, and acerola juices. Acerola is a rising star in the super fruit world, and, according to the National Library of Medicine, it has a, "High antioxidant capacity and several interesting biofunctional properties like skin whitening effect, anti-aging and multidrug-resistant reversal activity." This fruit is similar to the cherry and is even sometimes called the "Barbados cherry."

The Vital Berry cold-pressed smoothie is rather thick like a smoothie should feel. Though apple juice is the base of this one, we felt that apple sits at the sweet backdrop to the strawberry, orange, mango, and raspberry flavors that sit on top. In the end, you'll get a little of that cherry juice taste from the acerola. We especially loved the beautiful deep pink color of this drink; it is definitely aesthetically pleasing.

We believe this juice would be ideally suited as a stand-alone drink rather than a beverage to eat during a meal. It's the perfect grab-and-go option from Starbucks if that drink pick up from the queue is going to make you late for your morning meeting. We highly recommend this one to berry lovers.

1. Evolution Organic Defense Up

While the Vital Berry was quite delicious, we absolutely fell in love with Evolution's Organic Defense Up cold-pressed smoothie blend with orange, pineapple, mango, apple, and acerola juices. This super orange juice is 100% juice full of fruity, citrusy flavors.

This Defense Up smoothie is a delicious, pulpy mix of a bunch of fruits to help support your body and mind. Upon the first sip, we immediately got the orange, mango, and pineapple flavors at the forefront. Again, apple juice takes a back seat to spotlight those brighter flavors. In this one, we didn't really get much cherry juice flavor, but the acerola is probably present to support health more than the flavor profile. We really enjoyed how refreshing this smoothie was, and it worked well as both a compliment to that morning cereal as well as a beverage that could stand entirely on its own.

Evolution's Defense Up is another excellent option for a grab-and-go beverage, especially during flu season or when something is going around your office. We love that our favorite not only tastes great but it can also support your health.