Cocktail Fans Tell Tasting Table Who Makes The Best Canned Spirits - Exclusive Survey

According to VinePair, the first written evidence of the word "cocktail" was printed in a 1798 British newspaper, and in 1806, "The Balance and Columbian Repository" was the first to define the drink as "a stimulating liquor composed of any kind of sugar, water, and bitters." But it wasn't until 1862 when a bartender from Connecticut named Jerry Thomas wrote "The Bartender's Guide," paving the way for cocktail culture as we know it.

While classicly prepared cocktails will likely always remain popular, canned cocktails offer new, less labor-intensive ways to indulge at home. In addition to being easier to "shake up," canned cocktails are well-liked because of their convenient, lightweight packaging and — for some brands — low ABV, which piques the interest of those looking to cut back on alcohol consumption. Canned cocktails had already begun to take off in the years prior to the pandemic, but COVID-19 significantly boosted the industry's popularity. According to Grand View Research, the market valuation of canned cocktails was around 782.8 million in 2021, and the market is expected to grow 13.4% by 2030.

It seems like every major alcohol company (and even some brands, like Fresca, that usually stick to soft drinks) is getting into the canned cocktail market, so how do you know which one to try? Tasting Table recently conducted an exclusive survey to find out which brand people think makes the best canned spirits.

Bacardi is hailed as having the best canned cocktails

A Tasting Table survey revealed who people think makes the best canned spirits. Of the 615 total responses from cocktail fans, Bacardi is the definitive winner with 44.07% of votes. Jack Daniels secured its spot in second place with 29.59% of votes, and in third place is Cutwater Spirits with 11.22% of votes. Rounding out the list is JuneShine with 7.64% of votes, just a hair above Two Chicks, which has 7.48% of votes.

Perhaps the reason that Bacardi and Jack Daniels dominated our survey is they're already well-known liquor brands, whereas Cutwater Spirits, JuneShine, and Two Chicks aren't as established. Both brands also stick to their roots: Bacardi offers seven different canned rum cocktails, as well as a variety pack and a mojito variety pack that includes two exclusive mojito flavors. Jack Daniels sells whiskey & cola, apple fizz, and honey lemonade canned whiskey cocktails.

This is where Cutwater Spirits, JuneShine, and Two Chicks really separate themselves from the top survey performers, offering various canned cocktails made with more than one liquor. Cutwater Spirits has a ton of canned cocktail options made with tequila, vodka, rum, and whiskey, while JuneShine makes its canned cocktails with rum, tequila, and vodka, as well as offers hard kombucha drinks. Two Chicks makes canned cocktails with tequila, vodka, whiskey, and gin. When you're staring down an aisle full of new names and a ton of canned cocktail options, it makes sense to go with what you already know you'll enjoy.