Here's Where You Can Taste The Queen's Favorite Cocktail In Vegas

The late Queen Elizabeth II lived a long and decadent life, full of the best cuisine the world has to offer. Some of her favorite foods consisted of buttery tea cookies, creamy chocolate mouse, and savory beef tournedos, per Taste of Home. But when it came to her favorite beverages, her Majesty preferred to keep things a bit more simple. The Queen enjoyed starting her day off with hot Earl Grey tea that had a splash of milk, and for a nightcap, she preferred a gin and Dubonnet.

To honor Queen Elizabeth's excellent taste, Oscar's Steakhouse at the Plaza Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada added her favorite cocktail to its menu, according to Gambling Insider. The drink is called "Queen Elizabeth II" and features gin, the wine-based French aperitif Dubonnet, and a half lemon wheel. "We wanted to pay tribute to the late Queen Elizabeth II in our own way and share with our guests something that she was known to enjoy," said CEO of the Plaza Hotel and Casino, Jonathan Jossel.

Interesting history of the gin and Dubonnet

Her Majesty was a huge fan of the cocktail, which was created nearly 200 years ago. Express reported that the drink was first made as a way to make a medication used to treat malaria more appeasing to French patients. Decades later, the Dubonnet Cocktail became popular in Britain during the 1900s.

The aperitif would have been a great masking agent as it's a blend of fortified wine, herbs, and spices, according to Delicious. It also includes black currant, as well as tea varietals and quinine. The aromatic concoction became a favorite of Queen Elizabeth's mother, which is how she was reportedly first exposed to it, per Gambling Insider. Since that time, the beverage has become a huge part of London's culture, with it prominently featured at five-star hotels and bars throughout the country.

So, the next time you go to your local watering hole, give this unique drink a try. You'll not only be honoring the Queen, you'll be ingesting a tasty beverage.