The Perk DoorDash Says Will Make People Want To Return To The Office

While most of us were used to working in an office environment three years ago, COVID-19 quickly put that to a halt. Gallup reported that before the pandemic, only 4% of Americans worked from home, but by May 2020 it had increased to a staggering 43%, per The New York Times. Some told the outlet they missed having work-life boundaries, but many felt that working remotely had given them more flexibility. In addition to spending more time with their families, employees did not have to deal with office politics. This huge shift has made it more difficult for companies to get employees motivated to come back in person.

With that in mind, DoorDash recently launched new features that may make it easier for businesses to incentivize those workers to come back to the office. The food delivery service conducted a survey that they sent us here at Tasting Table, which found that Americans mostly miss the social aspect that comes from sharing meals when working in person. To make this transition easier, DoorDash has added self-serve onboarding, logging expenses made easier with SAP Concur, catering at your fingertips, and improvement to group orders.

New features to make ordering easier for companies

The organization launched DoorDash for Work, which it explained will give businesses more "flexibility and selection to support current and prospective employees while keeping costs low." It boasted that associations like NewsCorp, Comcast, and Carfax have already utilized the new features and have seen an increase in employee job satisfaction and improvement in workplace productivity.

One of the new options is DashPass for Work, which provides employees with a subscription-based plan that means unlimited $0 delivery fees on orders from thousands of restaurants and stores. DoorDash has also partnered with SAP Concur, so employees can expense meals with just a click of a button, versus having to fill out paperwork. It's also offering flexible catering orders and has worked to improve its group ordering options. And, companies can now apply their expensed meal budgets to group orders, making it easier to maximize your funds.

With all of these new streamlined improvements to the DoorDash ordering system, maybe more remote workers will want to stop by the office to enjoy a meal and conversation with their coworkers again. At least that's what DoorDash is hoping for.