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A hummus-guacamole hybrid that would make Popeye proud  

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Take a dip

Bok choy, escarole, chard: It's all greens to us.

But not if Wild About Greens ($14), a new cookbook from writer Nava Atlas, has its way. Atlas's 125 vegan recipes elevate leafy vegetables from their usual salad status.

A handy opening glossary profiles the flavors and textures of each green, ranging from ubiquitous kale and arugula to beet greens and mizuna, along with tips for buying and storing each.

Recipes range from the quickest of sautés (with carrots, mint and chives, for example) to grain variations (collard-wrapped yellow rice and black-bean enchiladas) and Asian-inspired soups (Chinese cabbage, tofu and mushrooms in a soy-sauce-and-wine broth).

As a nod to two of our favorite crowd-pleasers--guacamole and hummus--we're sharing Atlas's effortless Very Green Avocado-Tahini Dip recipe (see the recipe). Wilted baby spinach or arugula joins avocado, tahini, lemon and a smattering of fresh herbs in a bright, creamy dressing that is ideal with crudités or torn pita bread.

Consider it an easy way to convince your guests to eat their vegetables.

See the Very Green Avocado-Tahini Dip Recipe
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