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Swede Deal

Gather friends and family around one very stylish table for this festive Easter menu
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Nothing says spring is finally here like a vibrant spread of delicious dishes and festive decor. Lay out a luxurious meal for family and friends—think dreamy meat-flecked pasta and make-ahead chocolate puddings. Then forget fussy china and wobbly wineglasses for this ultra-modern yet wonderfully practical tableware that’ll impress everyone at your table.

Smoked Fish Deviled Eggs

Step into any Swedish home this time of year, and you’ll find eggs everywhere, from watercolor-blushed eggs to deliciously eggy snacks made of marzipan or smoked fish.

These crowd-pleasing deviled eggs served on ultra-modern clear serving plates add the perfect pop of color to your soiree. Here, they’re spruced up with smoked salmon instead of trout, flecks of red onion and fresh dill.

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Spring Salad with Radishes and Bread Crumbs

Even the pickiest of eaters will savor every sleek forkful of this light, crunchy salad, which looks gorgeous on an Easter-hued plate. A creamy, garlicky dressing adds a bit of luxury, and toasted bread crumbs and radishes lend a surprising bite.

If you can’t find mild-flavored breakfast radishes, you can easily swap the pale pink French variety for crisp globe or, more fittingly, colorful Easter egg radishes.

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Pappardelle al Ragù

The only thing more beautiful than a pile of meaty pasta before you is a pile of meaty pasta on a stunning serving platter. This stackable serving ware requires little space, just simply delicious food to show off and maybe a dish towel to mop up any mess.

And though thick strands of pasta twirled with ragù aren’t exactly Swedish, no one will say no to a big platter of this comforting dish.

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Pot de Crème

An Easter feast calls for more time at the table and not getting stuck at the stove. This intensely chocolaty dessert garnished with raspberries and curls of chocolate, is the perfect solution: no cooking, easily made ahead of time and a creative way to use these versatile, stackable glasses.

Round out this stress-free final course with a plate stacked with Swedish sweets like marzipan-coated cookies, fluffy marshmallow cakes, coconut-strewn pastries, and chocolate and oat cookie sandwiches.

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Spiked Grapefruit Punch

It’s not a party without a little booze. This batchable cocktail blends citrusy grapefruit with sugar, ice and vodka for a beautiful rose-colored drink that’s best on display in a clear pitcher atop a glimmering tray.

For a bubbly but boozeless option, everyone will raise a glass to refreshing lingonberry soda.

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