Cuba Good-ing

Where to eat, drink and shop in Havana
Photos: Courtesy of Cafe Laurent, La Guarida, El Litoral, Nick Kenrick and Tim Goos via Flickr
Havana, Cuba

Embargoes are so 2014. The door to our Caribbean neighbor is finally open, and you’re one airline flash sale away from pulling the trigger on a plane ticket to Cuba. But where to spend your pesos once you get there?

Forget what you know about Cuban sandwiches and fried plantains. What you should be on the hunt for is ropa vieja, the country’s signature stewed beef with vegetables. Then work it all off with a night of salsa dancing with the locals (we promise not to judge).

Iron your linen pants and put on that fedora. It’s time to experience firsthand those hot Havana nights.

El Cocinero 11 Calle 26 Havana 10400 537-832-2355 Doña Eutimia Callejon del Chorro Havana 10100 537-861-1332 La Guarida Concordia No. 418 Havana 10200 537-866-9047 Hotel Nacional Calle 21 y O Havana 10100 537-838-0294 Finca Agroecologica El Paraiso Carretera El Cementerio Vinales 22400 San Cristóbal Calle San Rafael No. 469 Havana 10200 537-860-9109 La Cocina de Lilliam Calle 48 No. 1311 Havana 11300 537-209-6514 La Torre Calle 17 No. 55 Havana 10400 537-838-3088 Atelier Calle 5 No. 511 Havana 10400 537-836-2025 Café Laurent Calle M No. 257 Havana 10400 537-831-2090 Don Cangrejo Avenida 1ra Havana 11300 537-204-4169 Fábrica de Arte Cubano Calle 26 Havana 10400 537-838-2260 Café Madrigal Calle 17 No. 809 Havana 11300 537-831-2433 El Floridita Calle Obispo No. 557 esq. a Monserrate Havana 10100 537-867-1299 Hotel Saratoga Paseo del Prado No. 603 Havana 10200 537-868-1000 El Aljibe Ave. 7ma Havana 11300 537-204-1583 Clandestina Villegas 403 Havana 10100 535-381-4802 Hotel Habana Libre Calle M Havana 10400 537-834-6100 Almacenes de San José Ave. Desamparados & San Ignacio Havana 10100 537-864-7779 Hotel Meliá Habana Ave. 3ra. e/ 76 y 80 Havana 11300 537-204-8500


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