Mexico City Is the Travel Destination That Has It All

No matter how many times you touch down in Mexico City, no two visits are ever the same—partly because of the tangled labyrinth of streets that ensures you're always discovering something new, but also because it's a city that's always evolving. There might be a modern high-rise you didn't notice before,  an expat you meet who now calls the capital home or a chef who's opening her new concept right alongside a decades-old taqueria. This is the city that has something for every traveler.

So dig up your passport and block off that free weekend on your calendar: We're celebrating everything Mexico City has to offer, from its towering trompos of al pastor pork to the secret spots only those who live here know about to the people who've turned the city into one of the world's leading culinary destinations.

Mexico City's Best Restaurants Aren't As Fancy As You'd Expect

After finding success with fine dining restaurants, Mexico City's top chefs are opening the passion projects they've always dreamed of.

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How to Find the ‘Best' Taco in the City

Like pizza for New York City, Mexico City residents debate the specifics of tortillas, fillings and salsas in an effort to find their city's best taco—though you'll find it's often rooted in deep personal preference and heritage.

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A Local Tour Guide's Secrets on Where to Dine

You could spend all day, every day for several years eating at restaurants in the 573 square miles of Mexico's capital city and still not make it to all of them.

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How Eduardo García Became One of Mexico City's Premier Chefs

A childhood spent as a migrant worker in the U.S. Three years in a maximum-security prison. Two deportations back to Mexico. This chef has experienced—and overcome—more in his 40 years than most people do in a lifetime.

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Everywhere You Need to Go If It's Your First Visit

Take a deep breath of al pastor-scented air: Armed with this guide, you'll be hopping from quesadilla stand to multicourse pre-Hispanic feast in no time at all. 

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The Best Cocktail Bars in Mexico City

From underground speakeasies to bars on the World's 50 Best list, it's time to expand your margarita horizons. 

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The Best Food Souvenirs to Bring Back from Your Trip

Don't return from Mexico's capital empty-handed when your bags could be full of peppers, sweets and mescal.

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Unlock the Secrets of Mole Sauce

If there's one dish that best represents the incredible depth of Mexican cuisine, it has to be the complex sauce that can consist of more than 20 ingredients.

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The Recipe That Will Change the Way You Think About Chips & Salsa

Chef Gonzalo Guzmán reinvents the starter by tossing toasted tortilla chips in homemade salsa de árbol.

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Learn How to Make Pulled Pork Tortas

Braised pork is fried in adobo sauce before being layered on a toasted telera roll with refried beans, avocado, crunchy cabbage slaw and a bright jalapeño salsa.

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