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Where to eat, drink and shop in Austin
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Looking for good eats with a side of Southern hospitality and some quality ethnic grub thrown in for good measure? Now is the time to visit Austin, a city whose food scene is ready for primetime--and our City Guide has all the spots you need to hit.

The culinary landscape has changed dramatically in the past decade, with ramen shops and bahn mi slowly becoming as common as chicken-fried steak and enchiladas (which, thankfully, still hold a place in the city's heart).

In a city that's known for its music festivals, the food is just as rockin': From great barbecue from the food trucks parked on nearly every corner to the small bites and good beers at Barley Swine, or artfully stacked sandwiches at Noble Sandwich Co. there's a lot to eat (and like) in Austin right now.


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