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America's Test Kitchen takes over Tasting Table's Instagram feed
America's Test Kitchen Instagram Takeover
Photos: America's Test Kitchen/Instagram

The cooks at America's Test Kitchen know standards. They don't shy away from a difficult task, they test and retest to ensure results and they appreciate an anatomically correct pig. Their latest challenge? Seeing how they do at the helm of our Instagram account.

The results are in: From picturesque pancakes to a trick for releasing grilled fish from the grates with ease, they passed the test.

Check out the slideshow and try their latest recipes for yourself, then follow Tasting Table on Instagram for your daily dose of food photography.

  • Hi everyone! It's America's @testkitchen, and we're taking over the @TastingTable account for the day. With more than three dozen full-time cooks and product testers, our mission is to develop foolproof recipes that work every time. Today, we're celebrating our latest July/August 2015 issue of #CooksIllustrated.

  • Make the best whole-wheat pancakes ever: Grind wheat berries into homemade flour in a blender. The resulting pancakes taste rich and complex. — @testkitchen

  • Step up your summer pasta salad game with this new #CooksIllustrated recipe. For a flavor-packed Israeli Couscous Salad, we first toast the pearls in oil to bring out their nuttiness before adding layers of fragrant mint, lemon, peas, feta and pickled shallots. — @testkitchen

  • Juicy, seasonal tomatoes are a summertime staple. Savor their rich, concentrated flavor with a largely hands-off technique: oven-roasting. Perfect for punching up sandwiches, frittata, pasta, polenta, bread doughs. — @testkitchen

  • Spicy, grilled Peri Peri Chicken has African roots and a meandering history, but the basic idea is this: Chicken is marinated overnight in a garlic, herbs, spices, lemon juice and "peri peri" (Swahili for "pepper pepper") chile paste. — @testkitchen

  • Grilled whole trout with marjoram and lemon salt is a showstopping summer dish. The only problem: getting it off the grill in one piece. By applying a mixture of mayonnaise and honey (it sounds crazy, but it totally works, and you can't taste either of them in the final dish), the fish is easily released from the grill before it's overco​​oked. — @testkitchen

  • Cherry Clafouti should be creamy and custardy—somewhere in between a pastry cream and a crepe. The #CooksIllustrated method extracts the excess juice from cherries by briefly oven-roasting them before tossing them into the batter as a strategy to avoid sogginess. Another trick? Bake your clafouti in a preheated metal skillet, rather than a baking dish. — @testkitchen

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