Bowl of zucchini butter
Zucchini Butter Is The Spreadable, Caramelized Edition Of Your Favorite Summer Vegetable
Zucchini can be caramelized into a savory zucchini butter to be paired with toast, eggs, pasta, and more. The mild squash turns into a versatile condiment with the taste of summer.
Zucchini butter uses little actual butter, relying on the veggie itself for a rich texture. You cook the squash until it breaks down and releases its sugars, then add seasonings.
After washing zucchini, shred it up using a box grater and set it aside in a bowl. The smaller shreds will cook more quickly and make the butter spreadable in less time.
Peel and chop garlic, shallots, and ginger, heat oil or butter in a pan, and brown the aromatics, stirring for the first 30 seconds as they release their flavors.
Dump the zucchini into a cheesecloth and wring out excess liquid. Lower the stove’s heat, add the zucchini to the pot, and sprinkle in salt, black pepper, and optional paprika.
Let the zucchini simmer down for 15-30 minutes, and pour in a little water once it starts to stick to the pan. It should soften into a mostly smooth, richly spreadable texture.
Remove the butter from the heat and add a squeeze of lemon, or top it off with herbs like basil and fresh mint. It can last up to a week in the fridge or six months in the freezer.