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Zabaglione: The Boozy Italian Custard You Should Know About
What is it?
Zabaglione, also known as zabaione or sabayon, is a thick, creamy custard laced with booze. While in Italy, Zabaglione is made with local wine, in the States, it is typically made with Marsala wine, but you can use any wine or spirit of your choice, just know that the dessert will take on the flavor of whatever alcohol you choose.
Zabaglione Origins
Some believe Zabaglione was created by Emilia leader, Zvàn Bajòun who stole a few ingredients from Italian peasants to feed his troops while others believe a Turin monk invented the dessert in the 16th century. The first recorded recipe for Zabaglione comes from a 1662 cookbook.
Making Zabaglione
While the recipe calls for simple ingredients --- all you need are six egg yolks, half a cup of sugar, half a cup of alcohol, and a pinch of salt --- it’s a bit time-intensive, requiring about 45 minutes to come together. Once it’s done you can get creative with toppings, or nix the sugar to create a savory dinner sauce.