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Yum Brands' Sales Stay Afloat Thanks To Taco Bell's Fan-Favorite Item
Yum Brands, the company that has Pizza Hut, KFC, and more under its umbrella, has had a challenging second quarter in 2022. Both of the aforementioned fast food chains saw declines in sales; however, Taco Bells U.S. has reported an 8% increase in same-store sales, which is likely owed to one fan-favorite item.
Yum CEO David Gibbs says that "Taco Bell continues to fire on all cylinders," but what really has customers firing on all cylinders is the return of the chain's Mexican Pizza. Taco Bells across the U.S. shrunk their menus in November 2020, due to effects of the pandemic, and the beloved Mexican Pizza was one item that had to go.
However, the pizza's disappearance fueled hype for its permanent return on September 15, 2022, resulting in a lucky spike in profit for Yum Brands. The Mexican Pizza includes either beans or ground beef sandwiched between two crispy tortillas with pizza sauce, cheese and chopped tomatoes, and first debuted in 1985 as "Pizzazz Pizza."