Pile of russet potatoes
Yukon Gold Potatoes Vs Russet: A Difference In Flavor And Texture
Not all potatoes are created equal, and depending on what you’re cooking, you may prefer to use Yukon gold or russet potatoes, which have different characteristics.
Russets, or Idaho potatoes, are brown, oblong potatoes that are high-starch and low-moisture. Yukon Golds are medium-sized with yellow skin and an all-purpose, creamy texture.
Russets are the most popular potato in the U.S. and are commonly used to make fries. Although versatile, they don’t work well in wet dishes like soup, in which they break down.
Yukon Golds are also all-purpose potatoes, but they have a more pronounced flavor with vegetal notes and some sweetness. They don’t absorb flavors like russets do.
When cooked, Yukon Golds tend to be creamy and luxurious, making them perfect for mashed potatoes. Russets stay fluffy and light, making them perfect for frying.
Both potatoes are low in fat and sodium and free of gluten and cholesterol. However, russets have about 50% more fiber and 25% more protein than Yukon Golds.