Cheeseburger on checkered paper on wood surface with gray background
You've Likely Been Eating Burgers Incorrectly All Along
It might be hard to imagine that there’s a better way to eat a burger than the same old way you've always done it, but eating a burger upside down is worth a try.
Speaking to Insider, food blogger Simon Dukes explains that the crown (the top of the bun) is generally thicker than the bottom, so it's less likely to fall apart in your hands.
The thicker crown can also prevent sauces from dripping everywhere, since it'll act as a sponge to soak up condiments and juices, unlike the already-soggy bottom bun.
Additionally, the flavor of burger toppings can sometimes be overwhelmed by the meat, but flipping it upside down will put the toppings in direct contact with your taste buds.
Eating your burger this way can also be more comfortable for your wrists, since you pick it up with your thumbs towards the ceiling rather than underneath the bun.