Egg beater in a bowl of beaten eggs
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You're Ruining Scrambled Eggs With An Overlooked Whisking Mistake
While a whisk is a popular kitchen utensil to beat eggs for the perfect scramble, most cooks don’t know that the timing of your whisking is very important.
Whisking allows egg whites and yolks to emulsify and incorporates air into the mixture, which helps give scrambled eggs their fluffy texture.
However, whisking your eggs and then putting them down the bowl can ruin their texture. The sudden movement will cause all the air bubbles to pop and leave your scramble flat.
Instead, try whisking your eggs immediately before pouring them into the pan so they stay perfectly inflated upon hitting the heat.
While this can be a difficult task when whipping up a breakfast feast, you can simply crack all your eggs in a bowl and throw in the whisk so it's ready the moment your pan is hot.