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You're Probably Overcooking Instant Ramen Noodles
There are countless ingredients you can use to upgrade your instant ramen, but one of the best tips of all involves technique, not add-ins. When cooking the noodles, most people follow the standard instructions on the container without a second thought, but you may be able to improve your soup by cooking it a bit shorter.
Try cooking your ramen noodles like you would cook spaghetti by making them a little al dente, taking them off the heat just a bit earlier than the instructions indicate. Hiro Mitsui, chef and founder of Japanese restaurant Ramen by Uzu, follows this tip, saying that "It's a little closer to traditional ramen noodles, and not as mushy!"
Ramen noodles cook very quickly and can easily turn soggy, and if the noodles are left to sit in the hot broth for too long, they also continue cooking and become too soft. If you have the time, try rinsing the noodles in cold water as soon as they're al dente to stop them from cooking any further, then drop them into a bowl of hot broth.