Hearty Homemade Cubano Pork Sandwich with Ham Cheese and Mustard
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You're Just A Tortilla Away From Eating Your Cubano On-The-Go
The Cuban sandwich as we know it today features layers of juicy roast pork, ham, Swiss cheese, dill pickles, and mustard tucked between two slices of Cuban bread that are pressed to perfection. If you want to get creative with your Cubano, there's an easy way to make it more portable and less messy: just wrap it in a tortilla.
While an authentic Cubano is defined by its bread, there's nothing wrong with putting a spin on it by swapping in a tortilla. You can enjoy all the same tasty ingredients as a stacked Cuban sandwich tightly packed together in a wrap, so you can take your meal anywhere from lunch breaks to picnic dates with no fear of spillage.
To make a portable Cubano, spread mustard onto the center of a tortilla, pile on the ham, Swiss, pickles, and pork, and then fold the sides and roll it up. For the same melty goodness that the sandwich has, you can toast the wrap in a panini press or heat it up on a baking sheet in the oven for four to six minutes at 350 degrees Fahrenheit.