Roasted vegetables on baking sheet
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You’re Going To Need One Sheet Pan Tip For Grilling Season
To keep your grilling area organized and eliminate constant trips back into the kitchen to fetch food or equipment, get your hands on a sheet pan for your grill station.
Sheet pans are great for holding ingredients before you cook them, since they have raised sides that can contain oils or meat juices. They come in full, half, and quarter sizes.
When you're planning to fire up the grill, sheet pans are great for transporting steak, pork, lamb, chicken, and fruits and vegetables from the kitchen to your grill area.
The pan’s raised edges will ensure marinades and meat juices don’t drip and make a mess. You can also use more than one pan to keep your proteins and vegetables separate.
If you don’t have a large outdoor cooking space, sheet pans can provide a safe and clean resting spot for all of the cooking utensils, sauces, and seasonings you may need.