Two summer cocktails on the beach in front of an astrology wheel
Your Zodiac Sign Can Tell You What Summer Cocktail You Are
Aries are fire signs with a hot-headed nature, so it's only right that their summer cocktail is as spicy as they are: a spicy margarita.
Made with muddled fresh chilis over a spicy mix or hot sauce (extra points if there's Tajín on the brim), the Aries' margarita will have a Scoville level to match their own.
The Taurus is almost unbearably chill, so if this zodiac sign were a summer cocktail, it would be a Lillet spritz, which is just as indulgent and chilled.
This cocktail can be made from your choice of summer wine (like a rosé) and soda water or sparkling wine. It gets a floral touch from the addition of Lillet Blanc fortified wine.
With a reputation of having multiple personalities, Geminis can be controversial. Blue Hawaiian cocktails, with their addition of blue curaçao, are just as controversial.
Since the mid-'90s, blue cocktails have been stigmatized because of a cultural movement among bartenders known as the Craft Cocktail Revolution.
At their best, Cancers are empathetic, nurturing, and deeply domestic, making their drink a sweet, and (unlike them) hardly overbearing one: a frozen watermelon cocktail.
A blend of frozen watermelon, pink gin, peach schnapps, lime, and coconut milk make this cocktail taste like a summer vacation in a glass.
With their big personalities, Leos are the personification of the saying "Rosé all day." This makes their signature cocktail a frosé, aka frozen rosé.
The simplest frosé recipes include blending a bottle of frozen rosé and strawberries or strawberry syrup with lemon juice and sweetener.