a glass of pink lemonade
Your Ticket To Revamped Lemonade Is Powdered Drink Mix
To enhance lemonade, all you need is a packet of powdered drink mix. This works on both store-bought jugs and homemade pitchers of classic lemonade.
Powdered drink mixes can intensify lemonade's citrusy profile and impart an unexpected aromatic edge. They can also help boost visual appeal.
To emphasize the lemonade’s tang, opt for equally tart flavor packets, like grapefruit, lime, or kiwi. Otherwise, tame the sourness with sweet peach, pineapple, or mango mix.
If the goal is to amplify its color, a strawberry-flavored powder can be used as a riff on pink lemonade, or a blackberry powder can add a deeper purple hue.