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Your Steakhouse Steak May Not Have Been
Made On
A Grill
You've dry-aged, wet-aged, and slathered it with butter, but you still aren't getting that steakhouse-perfect meat. It's probably because of your cooking method, and this one's tough to replicate at home.
The not-so-secret cooking method of some of the top steakhouses in the country is an infrared broiler. Commercial infrared broilers can heat up to 1,650 degrees F in less than two minutes, cooking steaks faster, and — because they heat evenly — these broilers turn out a more consistent steak with a delicious, crusty sear.
Traditional broilers have spottier coverage than infrared broilers, which blast infrared heat through a line of ceramic tiles punctured with evenly spaced holes. The next time you're envious of that perfect steakhouse steak, remember it's not always about the grill — but the broiler.