Poached egg on top of avocado toast with fresh herb and spice garnishes
Your Sous Vide Machine Is The Key To Soft, Delectable Egg Dishes
Eggs can be finicky to cook to perfection, and if you’re hoping for soft whites and liquid yolks without the rubbery texture of overcooked eggs, pull out the sous vide machine.
Whether you're hard boiling, poaching, or soft boiling eggs, a sous vide machine is an easy way to get a perfect texture, thanks to its low, precise cooking temperatures.
Sous vide machines heat water to a precise temperature, pumping it gently around the food to evenly heat it. Boiled eggs can be cooked right in their shells in the machine.
Simply set the temperature of the machine, add as many eggs as you want, and leave them to cook to the perfect temperature, without having to keep a close eye on them.
Soft boiled eggs should be cooked for 13 minutes at 167 degrees Fahrenheit. For poached eggs, cook at 145 degrees Fahrenheit until they're the consistency you like.