Seafood boil on a cooking tray
Your Slow Cooker Is The Secret To A Low Maintenance Seafood Boil
A slow cooker turns a labor-intensive seafood boil into an easy, low-maintenance meal and eliminates the need for constant pot-watching.
Add ingredients, set the heat, and let it cook for four to five hours. This longer cooking time frees you up for other tasks, and reheating it is as simple as hitting a button.
Use a slow cooker pot large enough to hold everything. A standard five to six-quart cooker typically accommodates about six servings, while larger seafood may need a larger pot.
To avoid overcooked seafood or undercooked potatoes, layer ingredients inside the slow cooker: potatoes first, then corn, andouille sausage slices, garlic, and seasonings.
Lastly, cover the ingredients with water and cook on low. After about four hours, add in your seafood which will need less than 15 minutes to cook.