Spiced fried apples in a white bowl with a silver spoon on a white surface
Your Slow Cooker Is The Key To Fried Apples
For easy fried apples, simply cut your fruit and dump the slices in a slow cooker with butter, sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, and vanilla extract. You can leave them on low heat all day.
The slow cooker is an easy way to make a lot of fried apples without getting your hands too dirty. The apples will also have hours to simmer in their delicious juices.
It’s best to choose a tart, sturdy apple, such as Pink Ladies. A firm apple will ensure the slices don’t become too mushy, and the tartness will balance the sweetness.
If you’re hoping to eat your apples in the near future, you can set your device to high for two hours. If you don’t mind letting them simmer, turn it to low for about six hours.