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Your Scones Will Taste Better If You Follow This Simple Tip
The world of breakfast pastries is extensive, and there's one classic breakfast pastry that seems almost universally beloved, the scone. The hallmark of a good scone is its tenderness and flakiness, and an important step must be followed for all ingredients to achieve this.
The secret to creating flaky, tender scones is using cold ingredients, especially butter, since the chunks of cold butter will melt once they hit the oven, producing steam and eventually puffing up the scone. Once cooled, those pockets translate to flaky layers.
Many scone recipes call for freezing the butter, grating it, and gently working the dough together, while others advise using cold eggs and cream or chilling the scones before baking. The chilled ingredients will help keep the butter cold before the scones go into the oven and get their opportunity to steam and puff.