Toast topped with canned fish on a serving board
Your Next Charcuterie Board Deserves An Underrated Canned Fish
Canned fish is having a moment, and while you’re likely familiar with tinned sardines or tuna, canned trout is the underrated fish you should add to your charcuterie.
Canned trout has a mild, sweet taste and a tender, flakey texture. When canned, it's smoked and packed in oil, which gives it even more flavor.
Since most tinned trout is deboned, prep is as easy as opening the can. Simply let your guests dig into the moist, flakey dish or use the canning oil as a garnish.
Pair the trout with tartar sauce and crunchy endive on a crostini or serve it with rye flatbread and earthy potato chips alongside briny, tangy pickled veggies.
For a more traditional board, pair the fish with hard or soft cheeses like manchego, cheddar, or even Boursin along with an herb-infused butter and baguette.