Jar of lemon curd with spoon balanced on top
Your Instant Pot Is The Key To Shortcut Fruit Curds
Fruit curds are sweet and silky spreads made of fruit juice, eggs, sugar, and butter. While they're infinitely customizable and use few ingredients, they can be tricky to prepare.
Carefully whisking and cooking the ingredients requires time and skill, and you might still end up with curd that's thin or lumpy. This is where an Instant Pot comes in handy.
Whether you're making lemon, berry, or pineapple curd, an Instant Pot can create fresh fruit curd in just 10 minutes. Start by combining eggs, sugar, butter, and fruit juice.
If you're making a citrus curd, you can also include zest. Put the mixture in a heat-proof bowl or jar, add an inch of water to the Instant Pot, and place the container inside.
Use the trivet in your pot to keep the container off the bottom of the appliance. Cook on high pressure for 10 minutes, then remove and strain the curd through a fine sieve.
The curd may look separated or have bits of solid egg when it comes out, but straining, mixing, and cooling will give you a luscious, thick spread for cakes, ice cream, and more.