cup of walnut and maple syrup ice cream on wooden table
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Your Ice Cream Will Get A Huge Texture Upgrade With One Baking Staple
Even if you closely follow an ice cream recipe, your end result may turn out icy. Since you likely don't have pro ice cream making tools, a secret ingredient can be your savior.
To make creamy, smooth ice cream, ditch the fresh milk and try a can of evaporated milk instead. Evaporated milk has been heated so that most of its water content has evaporated.
When you get rid of water, you get rid of the prominent ice crystals, resulting in dense, creamy, almost chewy ice cream like that from the best New England ice cream parlors.
Evaporated milk is also high in protein, which further limits the ice crystals that form on ice cream when stored in the freezer. A few other ingredient swaps enhance this effect.
Corn syrup (as opposed to granulated sugar) and a bit of arrowroot starch make an even richer, thicker, creamier mouthfeel. Lots of egg yolks are also important for richness.
Unlike sweetened condensed milk, evaporated milk does not contain sugar, so the flavor is more neutral. It's adaptable to any ice cream flavor you like, without being too sweet.