Chocolate frozen yogurt ice cream with kiwi and jelly in blank takeaway paper cup
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Your Homemade Frozen Yogurt Will Fail Without One Key Ingredient
Lighter than ice cream but still satisfyingly sweet, frozen yogurt remains a go-to dessert and a healthier alternative to traditional ice cream.
DIY-minded individuals might find it more pleasing to the palate and the wallet to make their own fro-yo at home, but one key ingredient will make or break your frozen yogurt.
While just putting yogurt in the freezer will technically make frozen yogurt, the delectable texture that you seek will be missing if you don’t add any sugar.
Sugar helps to lower the freezing temperature of the substance that it's in, which means that ice crystals have a harder time forming within the yogurt, creating a creamy texture.
Without the sugar preventing crystal build-up, your frozen yogurt will become an un-scoopable block that isn’t pleasant to eat.
If you don’t want to include sugar, you can still achieve the delicious tastes and creamy textures in your frozen desserts by using a natural sweetener, like honey, instead.