Your Guacamole Will Taste Better With This 30-Second Hack
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For a condiment as zesty and flavorful as guacamole, its components are fairly simple, as it is usually just avocado, onion, cilantro, tomatoes, and jalapeño mixed together and seasoned with lime juice and salt. However, cookbook author Cindy Pawlcyn has a 30-second hack for a dressing that will take the flavor up a notch.
Pawlcyn finishes her avocado salsa off with a homemade vinaigrette consisting of 2 tablespoons of rice vinegar, 6 tablespoons of olive oil, and salt and pepper to taste. Instead of mixing the dressing in with the rest of the ingredients, Pawlcyn pours it over the salsa as the last step.
Additionally, the olive oil works to preserve the green of the avocado for as long as 24 hours by forming an "oxygen barrier around the mashed avocado,” according to Delish. Pawlcyn’s vinaigrette adds a delicious layer of flavor to your guacamole while also keeping it fresh so you can enjoy it longer.