Double beef burgers with cheese on a plancha grill. Food preparing concept.
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Your Grilling Experience Will Elevate By Using A Plancha For Burgers
A plancha is a cooking tool from Spain that is somewhat similar to a griddle, and refers to any flat cooking surface that can be kept close to flames, making it extremely hot.
A plancha can create the ultimate sear on burgers, and you can even use a cast iron skillet as a sort of makeshift plancha instead of the usual griddle-over-grill setup.
Simply light the grill, place a seasoned plancha or skillet on the grill, and give it half an hour to heat up. Once it's piping hot, add some high smoke-point oil like canola.
The super-hot surface will make the burger patties sizzle when you add them in. The meat will gain an amazing crust and firm up, rendering out the fat and holding in the juice.
After getting a great sear, transfer the burger patties to the grill grates (remove the plancha if the grill is small), close the grill, and finish cooking them through.
The remaining fat from the beef will drip down onto the grill's coal, causing smoke to rise and infuse flavor into the patties. Their surfaces will also have beautiful grill marks.