A bowl of blueberries is frozen in motion mid-air
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Your Fresh Berries Will Last Way Longer With A Hot Water Bath
Unfortunately, most berries go moldy within 48 hours of being picked due to their thin and porous skins. Thankfully, there’s a solution: give your berries a hot water bath.
To do so, remove the berries from their container and separate them on a paper towel, making sure they don’t touch each other, and let them dry before putting them in hot water.
While they dry, bring your water up to temperature; for strawberries, blackberries, and raspberries, aim for 125 degrees F, while blueberries can handle 140 degrees F.
When your water comes to temperature, give each berry a 30-second bath, then lay them back out to dry and cool. This will extend the lives of your berries by weeks.
You're not boiling the fruit for an extended period of time, so it won't turn to mush. The heat from the water will kill off any mold growth present on the surface of the fruit.