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Your Favorite Sour Cocktails Likely Belong To The Daisy Family
Some cocktails are more famous than others, though many lesser-known drinks have been around for longer than today's big names. You’ve probably heard someone order a Negroni or martini, but not a Daisy, a spritzy and refreshing 1860's cocktail that is extremely customizable, which may be why it spawned so many famous variants.
The Daisy can be made with a base of gin, brandy, whiskey, or other spirits, and the usual additions are simple syrup, liqueur, lemon juice, and soda water; however, other fruit juices or even egg whites can be used. If this formula sounds familiar, it’s because some of your favorite "fizz" and sour drinks fall under the "Daisy" umbrella.
The Daisy family includes classic margaritas and Sidecar cocktails, plus other drinks like the Champs-Élysées. Today, the Daisy is more of a template than anything, and as long as the base is fizzy, sour, and a touch sweet, you can make your own Daisy drinks however you like, as many bartenders have done throughout the years.