Coleslaw in a white bowl
Your Coronation Coleslaw Simply Isn't The Same Without A Salty Crunch
Created to celebrate the crowning of Queen Elizabeth II, coronation chicken is a dish of chicken dressed in mayo, red wine, whipped cream, apricot puree, and curry powder.
Coronation coleslaw keeps the same flavor profile, using cabbage with mayonnaise, golden raisins, and curry powder. It's even better with a salty, crunchy bite from cashews.
Roasted, salted cashews bring a different crunchy texture to the crisp and creamy slaw, which makes for a more interesting bite and a boost of extra protein.
The salt in the cashews can elevate the flavors of the curry powder, and can also reduce the bitterness in the cabbage while enhancing its sweet, savory, and sour elements.
Making coronation coleslaw is simple. Add your chopped cashews, golden raisins, green onions, fennel, and celery to a blend of shredded carrots and cabbage.
Add curry powder to your favorite mayo-based coleslaw dressing, or include red wine vinegar and apricot preserves as well to mimic the original chicken dish more closely.