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Your Chicken Will Be Crispier With This Simple Addition
There are plenty of tricks to prevent chicken from turning out soggy, from poaching your bird in buttermilk to carefully timing the application of sauce. However, you can eliminate some difficulty during the cooking stage by putting a little more effort in during the prep stage; just pick up some cornstarch for crisper chicken.
Cornstarch deserves a spot in everyone’s kitchen for its wide range of uses during cooking. Tossing your meat or vegetables in cornstarch (and maybe a little bit of flour) can help ensure a crunchy exterior when pan-frying, and when deep-frying, cornstarch creates a perfect golden color that flour alone can’t accomplish.
When using the grill, cornstarch is also effective for creating a tastier final product. The Kitchn writes that using cornstarch dries out chicken skin, so it will become crispier during the grilling process. Don’t forget to pick some cornstarch during your next trip to the supermarket for all your chicken-cooking needs.