Hard boiled eggs with herbs and spices on a white background
Your Boiled Eggs Will Peel Like Magic Simply By Adding Oil
Removing the shell of a boiled egg can be tricky and time-consuming. Luckily, you can make it much easier simply by adding a little oil to the pot when you boil the eggs.
This is due to an egg's porous shell, which oil can penetrate. The oil separates the shell from the membrane and the egg, making it easy to peel your boiled eggs perfectly.
For this trick to work, one tablespoon of oil is good. Any oil is fine, but it’s best you avoid using your best oil because it gets poured down the drain when the eggs are done.
Start by boiling a pot of water with the oil. When it's ready, carefully add your eggs to the pot and boil them with your preferred method and for your preferred amount of time.
To peel the egg, one of the best options is to gently tap the bottom of the egg on your counter, then use your finger to find the separated membrane and peel the egg from there.