There is no strict, standard recipe when it comes to alfredo sauce. While this classic sauce usually consists of butter, cream, and cheese, there are ways to spice up the flavor or improve the texture, and this secret ingredient makes a creamier and thicker alfredo sauce with almost no added time or effort.
While it may not be traditional, cream cheese is a secret ingredient that makes for a foolproof rich, creamy alfredo sauce. The cream cheese helps thicken the sauce and adds a delightful tanginess that can break up the monotony of your typical alfredo dish. If you're worried about added fat, read on for more info.
Regarding nutritional value, alfredo sauce is far from health food, since it's made from rich dairy products. However, this sauce can contain protein (especially with cream cheese added) and calcium, and is keto-friendly if you use low-carb noodles. Leftover sauce can also be used as a base for white pizzas, keto-style or not.