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You'll Probably Never Guess What Rocky Mountain Oysters Actually Are
Meat was a major part of the cowboy diet, says History Hit, and building homesteads in remote locations and herding cattle for months required careful culinary planning, as fresh food was rarely available. This is how Rocky Mountain oysters were invented — they are sourced, not in the Pacific Ocean, but in the Rockies, and are in fact the cooked testicles of bulls.
Bruce’s Bar’s kitchen manager Dennis Guffy, who’s been cooking Rocky Mountain oysters for over four decades, says, “They’re actually really good. Just don’t think of what you’re eating.” With a texture similar to calamari, the dish is often served with ketchup, hot sauce, or mayonnaise, but Canadians prefer demi-glace, while Americans tend to dip the fried pieces into cocktail sauce.
The thought of eating testes might make the modern-day foodie grimace, but in places like Colorado and Montana, there are festivals held in their honor. They are even served at the Rockies’ baseball stadium in Denver, Colorado — but, if eating testes doesn’t appeal to you, you can always try a pint of Rocky Mountain Oyster Stout, a beer brewed with them.