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You'll Probably Never Guess What Bombay Duck Actually Is
Mumbai, formerly known as Bombay, is India’s largest city and boasts stunning food, like Vada Pav, the staple potato sandwich that is native to the city, as well as the well-known and favorite delicacy, Bombay Duck. Despite its name, Bombay Duck is not a poultry dish at all, it’s actually the name of a fish.
The fish’s looks can be off-putting, and its pungent smell polarizes people into loving or hating it, yet its rich, complex, and savory flavor cannot be denied. The fish is typically salted and dried under the hot sun on Mumbai beaches and is eaten in a variety of ways, such as rehydrated and cooked into curries, or dry-fried as a side dish.
Preparations of Bombay Duck vary in different regions, with East Indians using it as a staple either in a chutney, roasted, or fried. Maharashtrian communities typically fry it and turn it into a fritter, while others prefer to eat it dried with greens, but no matter how it is prepared, this dish is a unique element of Indian cuisine.