Seafood, corn, potatoes, and lemons spread out on newspaper
You Won't Stop Dunking Into This Easy-To-Make Seafood Boil Sauce
A seafood sauce made from the boiling liquid of a seafood boil, along with just a few other ingredients, is the perfect easy-to-make addition that your seafood boil needs.
The sauce is a blend of melted butter, reserved boiling liquid, lemon juice, garlic, and Old Bay seasoning. Together, it's the perfect pairing for your boiled seafood.
Reserve half a cup of broth from your seafood boil and add it to a bowl with two sticks of melted butter. Whisk them together and add lemon juice, Old Bay, and diced garlic.
The heat from the broth will help bloom the aroma of the garlic and spices, while the lemon juice will balance the buttery, savory richness with a burst of tang.