Bowls of salsa with tortilla chips on a white marbled surface
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You Shouldn't Waste 2 Types Of Tomatoes On Homemade Salsa
You can get creative and add plenty of unique ingredients and seasonings to your homemade salsa, but when it comes to the tomatoes, there are two kinds that shouldn’t be used.
Heirloom tomatoes are known for their fleshiness, but are too expensive and special to be used in blended salsa. They're best enjoyed with minimal preparation and seasonings.
Cherry tomatoes are also expensive, too small to peel or chop, and don’t yield much sauce. They're missing the qualities you need for a good salsa base.
Any tomato from the plum or beefsteak family is suitable for a classic fire-roasted salsa, or opt for a Roma tomato if you're making a chunkier salsa or pico de gallo.