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You Shouldn't Turn Your Nose Up At Boxed Wine. Here's Why
Boxed wine has a reputation as the cheap, lesser-quality cousin of bottled wine, but some truly great wines are sold in boxes, and the packaging has its own unique advantages. The brand Black Box first put premium wines into boxes in 2003, and today, boxed wine still isn't something you should dismiss so quickly.
Lighter packaging and ease of transport and storage mean that boxed wine has a reduced carbon footprint, since wine bottles are more expensive and difficult to ship. Additionally, not only are some boxed wines excellent in quality, but they also may be a better choice than the bottle in some situations.
Boxed wine is economically friendly, since a typical box is equal to around four wine bottles, so you get your money's worth. Plus, when a bottle of wine is opened, its days are numbered, but wine in boxes can last for weeks, and the easy-to-use spouts can keep your tablecloths free of spills, perfect for an easy get-together.