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You Should Try Topping Tostadas With Shrimp Ceviche
Tostadas, a beloved Mexican street food, consists of a toasted or fried corn tortilla that acts as a crispy base for just about any ingredient you can imagine. Common toppings include shredded beef, beans, lettuce, avocado, and cotija cheese, but for a culinary mashup that elevates this delicious snack, use shrimp ceviche as your protein.
Aguachile ceviche de camaron is a kind of ceviche that is made by marinating raw shrimp in lime juice and chiles that have been blended with water; the acidic mixture "cooks" the shrimp without the need for any actual cooking. The citrusy ceviche perfectly cuts through the fattiness and saltiness of the fried tortilla in tostadas.
You’ll know that ceviche is ready when the marinade turns the shrimp into an opaque white color, which means it has “cooked” thoroughly and is ready to be paired with other tasty toppings on a tortilla. There is no truly mess-free way to eat a tostada, but try holding it with both hands and take small bites, eating from left to right.