Pan of peach pie
You Should Try These Dishes From The State Of Georgia At least Once
Peach Desserts
Georgia is home to many tasty regional specialties and groves of fresh peaches, so it’s no surprise that the state has created many delicious peach desserts.
Georgian peaches are thought to be some of the sweetest in the world, and they’re put to use in anything from cobblers and pies to ice cream, jams, or jellies.
Fried Chicken Biscuits
If you prefer savory treats, Georgia is also home to crunchy, juicy, and golden-fried chicken paired with fluffy, buttery biscuits.
The comforting combo is a favorite at brunches whether flavored with lavender or chives, topped with hearty sausage gravy, or served with cheese and bacon.
Fried Veggies
Georgia is home to a plethora of fried veggies from okra to onions to green tomatoes, often served alongside other specialties like cornbread.
When making fried onions, seek out Georgia's sweet Vidalia onions. Vidalia onions can only be grown in Georgia, as its sandy soil renders them particularly sweet.
Lowcountry Boil
If you’re lucky enough to attend a Georgian cookout or celebratory event, you’ll probably encounter a Lowcountry boil packed with veggies, sausage, and seafood.
This one-pot dish combines potatoes, corn, onion, sausage, boiled eggs, shrimp, crab, and oysters all spiced with celery, garlic, lemon juice, bay leaves, pepper, and butter.
Shrimp & Grits
Rooted in Native American cuisine, grits were declared the official prepared food of Georgia in 2002, and they’re often served with another Southern staple — shrimp.
Enjoy the dish at the two-day Shrimp & Grits Festival on Jekyll Island, or local venues like Savannah's The Olde Pink House and The Public Kitchen & Bar.