Grilled peaches with brie, rosemary and honey
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You Should Try Adding Roasted Fruit To Your Salads
Salads are a culmination of brightness, colors, contrast, and creativity that highlight any and all fruits and vegetables until the sun. While many salads lean toward savory flavors, they can be sweet as well, and if you’re looking for a unique blend of savory and sweet in your next fruit salad, consider adding roasted fruit.
Roasting changes a fruit's texture and flavor profile, creating depth, warmth, and boost of juiciness that not only elevates the fruit itself, but the salad as a whole. Roasting the fruit with honey, ginger, and balsamic vinegar will add nutty, butter-like, caramelized flavors that go well with fruit salads and more savory salads.
To try using roasted fruit, start with one of your favorite salads and try swapping some of the fruits for their roasted counterparts. Some good fruits to give a try are tomatoes, peaches, black plums, and grapes, which can be paired nicely with other fruits or proteins like ham, plus nuts, cheese, and a mild sweet or savory dressing.