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You Should Try Adding Miso To Your Mashed Potatoes
A survey reported by Study Finds revealed that mashed potatoes reign supreme as America's favorite Thanksgiving side dish, with a 46% preference among responders. A traditional mash with butter, salt, and pepper is classic for a reason, but many cooks love to customize their potatoes, and miso is one of the best additions to try.
Miso is a savory, salty, and complex Japanese soybean paste that is fermented with a special culture called koji. Most misos have a moist and slightly creamy texture that blends well with smooth but neutral-tasting mashed potatoes, and Bon Appétit highly recommends the combo to add “a little extra umami and saltiness” to your mash.
Food Network notes that miso comes in two main varieties: dark and light. For mashed potatoes, use yellow or white miso for the right hint of rich umami flavor and a super-smooth texture, without overwhelming the potatoes themselves; miso makes the mash so creamy that you can even leave out the dairy to create a vegan dish.