Roasted root vegetables on a baking sheet: sweet potato, butternut squash, brussels sprouts, apple, pecans and pear. Toning. Healthy eating concept.
You Should Think Twice Prior To Roasting Vegetables In A Casserole Dish
It’s technically possible to roast vegetables in a casserole dish, but if you want maximum crispiness and slightly charred edges, stick to using a baking sheet.
To be crispy, veggies need to be exposed to as much air circulation as possible. The heat from the oven causes their water to evaporate, but in a casserole dish, it can linger.
As a result, your veggies can end up steaming instead of roasting. A baking sheet, however, allows the water to evaporate properly and will provide crispy results.
Make sure not to crowd your baking sheet and spread out your greens in a single layer. Be careful with your oil usage too, since too much will leave your veggies greasy and soggy.
Put your pan into a hot oven at around 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Rotate the pan halfway through roasting to ensure that every corner gets a chance to crisp up.